[Hanoi] Welcome Wild Sunflowers in Ba Vi

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If you are living in Hanoi and want to be immersed in yellow color of wild sunflowers (Hoa Dã Quỳ,) you do not have to go all the way to Da Lat. Just travel for 45km from Hanoi, mountain flanks of Ba Vi National Park will make your dream come true.

‘Hoa Dã Quỳ’  are also called as daisies (Cúc quỳ) or wild sunflowers (Hướng dương dại.) Their blooming season, from October till November, signals the start of winter with freezing air approaching Northern Vietnam. wild sunflowers are not as big as sunflowers, but their growing in bushes compensates the size of the flowers; so that when they blossom, a golden carpet is naturally laid before our eyes. The most appropriate time to capture this flower’s beauty is in the morning when the dawn is rising and drops of dew are still clinging on the leaves and flowers. 

Although wild sunflowers in Ba Vi is not plentiful as in Da Lat, the flowers in Ba Vi are bigger and their yellow colors are more intense. Moreover, observing wild sunflowers in the foggy scene of Ba Vi would truly give you an unforgettable impression. 

Photo: zing.vn

The Meaning Of Wild Sunflowers

Wild sunflowers are attached to an emotional love legend.

Once upon a time, in Lasieng tribe in remote Tay Nguyen Highlands, there was a beautiful young girl named H’Linh who deeply fell in love with a young man named K’Lang. Everyday, while K’Lang was hunting in the woods, H’Linh was staying at home sewing a blanket for him (according to the custom of the tribe, before marriage, the girl had to sew a beautiful blanket to bring to the husband’s house.) When the night fell down, they would gather, sing and dance with other villagers by the campfire.

Tay Nguyen people. (Photo: Far East Tour)

Their happy life went on and their marriage day was coming nearer and nearer. However, the son of the tribe’s leader LaRihn also loved H’Linh desperately, and he was really jealous when not receiving the love from H’Linh.

One day K’Lang went to the woods as usual, but did not come back. H’Linh waited for one day, then two days but there was no sign of him. Afraid that something wrong happened to her finace, H’Linh went into the woods and crossed multiple streams until she was too tired and fell asleep for a while. In her dream, she heard K’Lang asking her to cross one more stream to meet him.

She woke up from that dream and did as she was told. And before her eyes was a tragic horror scene: K’Lang was tied up and the Lasieng villagers were stabbing him with spears and arrows. She ran towards him regardless of the death risk. Because of the overwhelming jealousy, LaRihn shot a fatal arrow. Tragically, the arrow hit H’Linh – the girl he loved so much. H’Linh died, kneeling, with K’Lang in her embrace.

Later, in that very spot where H’Linh died, a wild flower with a gorgeous yellow appeared, symbolizing a faithful love till death of the young couple. The flower was called by the name ‘Dã quỳ’ (wild sunflowers.)‘Dã’ means wild and ‘quỳ’ means kneeling.

Although holding a remarkable romantic significance, nowadays wild sunflowers are not used as a present for one another in social greetings or romantic relationships. We are just longing to admire their seductive beauty in the wild nature.   

Photo: GoVNPT

Information of Wild Sunflowers Season in Ba Vi in 2017

  1. Blooming time

It is estimated that wild sunflowers’ blooming time is from 28/10 till 26/11 and the peak time is from 04/11 till 19/11.

  1. Location of wild sunflowers garden

After buying tickets, from the entrance gate to 400m mark pine forest, visitors can see wild sunflowers growing on both sides of the curvy road. Continue going for another 200m, visitors park your vehicles, and then turn left, walking ahead for 300m to reach the wild sunflowers garden. This garden’s area is over 10 ha, divided into 5 sections, and connected by a 3-km route.

Photo: zing.vn
  1. Tickets for Ba Vi National park:

+Entrance Tickets:

– Adults: VND 60000 /person /turn (approx. USD 2.6)

– Students: VND 20000/person/turn (approx. USD 0.88)

– Pupils: VND 10000/person/turn (approx. USD 0.44)

– Priorities: VND 30000/person/turn (approx. USD 1.32) (applied for elderly, handicapped people, etc.)

+Parking Fee:

– 9-seat-and-beyond car parking: VND 25000/car (approx. USD 1.1)

– Under-9-seat car parking: VND 20000/car (approx. USD 0.88)

– Motorbike parking: VND 3000/motorbike/turn/place (approx. USD 0.13)

– Bicycle parking: VND 2000/bicycle/turn/place (approx. USD 0.09)

Additional Information

Besides Ba Vi, you can visit Mộc Châu (Sơn La), Đà Lạt, Pleiku, Điện Biên, and Lạng Sơn to enjoy this wild sunflowers season in Vietnam.

Photo: aFamily

If you have any problem travelling in Vietnam, whether it’s food problem or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance. We will be thrilled to help.

Source: Phượt Luôn & Zing.vn

Translator: Diem Nguyen

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