Top 4 Must-Check-In Places In Bac Lieu

Heading further southward from Can Tho, you’ll reach Bac Lieu – the land carrying the anecdote of the notorious Công Tử Bạc Liêu (Bac Lieu’s extravagant millionaires). Bac Lieu is also well known for its diverse nature, ethnic groups and cultures.

A bus trip from Ho Chi Minh city to Bac Lieu takes approximately 5,5 hours. It might seem quite a long road, but later on, after your arrivals, Bac Lieu’s favourite food and destinations will reimburse the long trip we’ve spent to visit this land. Now, please follow me, I will guide you through 4 must-visit destinations in Bac Lieu for photoholics.

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*Bac Lieu Wind Turbine Field

The turbine field belongs to Bac Lieu Wind Power Station. There are 62 wind turbines placed beyond the sea, connected by a bridge. Here, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset by the beach with lovely sea breeze running through your hair. Please notice that you might have to ask for permission to enter some turbines.  But don’t worry, you’ll receive a friendly nod from the guards. Now, it’s time to take some wonderful pictures.

Address: Ấp Biển Đông A, xã Vĩnh Trạch Đông. The field is 20km away from the centre.

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*Nhà Mát Beach

This is a muddy beach, the water is pinkish brown from mud and alluvium. The best time to visit the beach is at dawn when the fishermen catch fish and seafood. Since the water is quite shallow, you can walk very far from the shore. At 5 or 6 in the morning, you can ask to join in the seafood hunt with the fishermen. The work is hard, yet, fun and exciting. And the reward afterwards is the delicious dishes made from you hand-caught fresh products.

Fishers at the beach.
*Hùng Vương Square

The square is open to public since 2014 and has become the favourite meeting point of Bac Lieu people. In the centre, there’s a big model of Đàn Kìm – a local string musical instrument commonly known as the symbol of Đờn Ca Tài Tử ( southern Vietnam singing arts). On the other side, there is also a sculpture of three arches representing the union of 3 peoples Kinh – Khmer – Chinese, by whom the diverse cultures of Bac Lieu are formed. A walk with your friends around the square in the evening gives you a relaxing moment before you head back to the hotel and enjoy a good sleep.

Address: Nguyễn Tất Thành, Phường 7, Bạc Liêu

Đàn Kìm statue at Hùng Vương square.
*Three Nón Lá Theatre (Cao Văn Lầu Theatre)

The theatre is right next to Hùng Vương square. You can’t find another building more Vietnamese than this one. Now, I’m sure you’re familiar with nón lá (Vietnamese conical hat), the theatre wears three of them on its head, which makes a perfect shade against the merciless sunlight at noon.

The theatre is named after the famous song composer Cao Văn Lầu, who contributed many spectacular songs to Đờn Ca Tài Tử. It is the place that holds local theatre arts performance also a ‘museum’ that keeps pictures and documents of Cải Lương and Đờn Ca Tài Tử.


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Looks like we have made it through a long travel day. I hope you’ll get many wonderful pictures to fill in your travelling Vietnam collection. Feel free to send us your beautiful photos! We really appreciate your lovely moments with us.