Moc Chau Plum Flowers Season: White Heaven On Earth

Like a painting with pure white theme, plum flowers in Moc Chau are making many people trembling with excitement. Do you want to go to Moc Chau this January to have that feeling, the feeling of soaking yourself in this earthly paradise?

White plum is the characteristic flower of Moc Chau highland. Since plum trees are planted in fields covering even a whole village or valley, their flowers also bloom in groups close to each other. This is why the place has gained its famous name “White Paradise”.

Plum flowers. Photo:
Moc Chau paiting white with blossoming plum flowers. Photo: Tago Travel

1/ When to go:

Coming to Moc Chau from January to February, you will be greeted by a white paradise of plum flowers. The picturesque scene becomes more colorful with pink French peach flowers, wild peach flowers and green grasses.

The best time to see plum flowers is between January and February. Photo: Dream Travel

It is certain that plum flowers season is in the January -February period, but the starting time depends on the weather – it can be earlier or later. The blooming peak time lasts from 2 to 3 weeks, withering quickly later for bearing plum fruits in April. That is why people describe plum flower as a young north-west maiden – fragile, vigorous, soft and nearly untouchable.

2/ How to go

From Hanoi to Moc Chau (Son La province), you can go by motorbike or by bus.

If you choose bus, you can book a seat in My Dinh or Yen Nghia bus station.

If you think motorbike is favorable, the direction is easy – just follow the ‘new’ 185-kilometre National road number 6 connecting Hanoi city center to Moc Chau town center.

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Local people hang Vietnamese flag in the top of plum tree in Tet holiday. Photo: Ngoi Sao Net

The most suitable spots for seeing plum flowers are Ban Anh pine forest, Ba Khe minor area, Long Luong, Thong Cuong, etc. Because of the fast withering phase, rush yourself to Moc Chau in January- February now!

Plum flowers blossoming in a garden of one local house. Photo: Hachi 8
An ethnic family enjoy the beauty of plum flowers. Photo: Du Lich Binh Chau
Moc Chau in plum flowers season is also an ideal place for pre-wedding photoshoots. Photo: Today TV
A perfect place for a youth photo albums. Photo: Top List Tips

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Translator: Diem Nguyen – Le My Anh

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