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Da Lat tourism has never been ceased to attract domestic and foreign tourists. When the blooming season of wild sunflowers has not yet passed, tourists can also enjoy  the picturesque hills filled with pink grasses in early morning.

Da Lat is located on the Langbiang Plateau at 1500 metres above sea level, where the climate is pretty mild all the time. Besides poetic landscapes, majestic waterfalls and breezing pine forests, Da Lat has lots of graceful flower types. Each season has its own specialty – mighty white of cauliflowers, regal yellow of wild sunflowers, dreamy purple of Poinciana, etc.  However, it is impossible not to mention the pink grass – a type of shrubs hidden under pine trees in the misty scene which makes tourist slow their paces to enjoy.

The ‘Da Lat’s Pink Grass Festival 2017’ (Mùa Hội Cỏ Hồng Đà Lạt,) hosted by Lam Dong province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism – is an exciting opening event for the 7th Da Lat Flower Festival on December 2017Da Lat’s Pink Grass Festival 2017 lasts for 11 days (November 24th – December 4th) at the pink grass hill near Đan Kia -Suối Vàng Lake (Lac Duong Ward) with no entrance fee.

Photo: Foody

The festival includes ‘The Pink Meadow Moments’ (Khoảnh khắc cỏ hồng”) (a photography competition for professional photographers nationwide); the ‘Selfie Moments’ (Khoảnh khắc selfie”) dedicated to young fellows who love taking selfie photos, the ‘Pink Sunday’ (Chủ nhật hồng”)  aimed for couples who get married in 2017; the ‘Meadow Paradise’ (Thiên đường hoa cỏ”) inviting tourists to see and take photos. The festival space is divided into 10 major and 20 minor landscapes.   

It’s also an ideal place to take your wedding photos (Photo: LinkedIn)

Also in this festival, there are other fascinating cultural activities like the local culture day Bản sắc đại ngàn (High mountain uniqueness), which includes the straddle-less horse racing competition by Kơ Ho – Lạch ethnic minority in Lac Duong; ‘Night of Lach people’ picturing the harvesting season rituals which involves drinking tube wine, ‘xoang’ dancing, gong music performing; fireworks, etc.  

People are riding horses in Liangbiang, Dalat (Photo: ngkhaclich)

Da Lat’s Pink Grass Festival 2017 promises to be an introduction for tourists about this beautiful wild pink grass transforming itself from white snowflakes in the early foggy morning to a glittering pink carpet when the sun rises.

Photo: tienphong.vn
Photo: sggp.org.vn
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Source: Du Lich Da Lat

Translator: Diem Nguyen

2 thoughts on “[Dalat] Pink Grass Festival | When & Where

  • 12/31/2017 at 9:30 am

    Is,the pink grass festival held every year about the same time?

    • 12/31/2017 at 4:48 pm

      Hi, I am not sure about the festival, but actually the pink grass grows from the early November till the end of December every year. So even when there is no festival, the pink grass is still there every year waiting for your visit 😉
      Minh Nguyen.


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