[Event] – Bac Lieu Weekend Trip: Meet The Dandy

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Welcome you to our 7th travel – Bac Lieu, the hometown of many wealthy landlords of Southern Vietnam. This tour was particularly designed by a Bac Lieu local with the aim of offering the most local experiences for participants.

Situated next to the Southernmost province of Vietnam (Cà Mau) and 288km away from Hồ Chí Minh City, Bạc Liêu is such a charming countryside province of Mekong Delta awaiting to be explored by travellers. In this trip, the local identity can be learnt through paying a visit to

  • The French-styled House of Công Tử Bạc Liêu who was infamous for his lavishness,
  • A 130-year-old Khmer pagoda named Xiêm Cán Pagoda,
  • Nọc Nạn Historical Relic Site where the bloody battle between farmer brothers and the French took place,
  • Cao Văn Lầu Memorial House to honor the famous musician who composed the classic Cải lương song – Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang telling the the story of a wife awaiting her husband’s return from the battlefield,
  • Offshore Wind Farm which is the first one in Asia and has been operated since 2013,

And other destinations such as Hùng Vương Square, Nón Lá Theater, Tắc Sậy Church, Bạc Liêu Museum, etc.

We can have a chance to experience some of Bạc Liêu special dishes such as Bánh xèo (sizzling crepe,) Bún bò cay (spicy beef noodles soup,) Bún nước lèo (broth noodles) and many others which will be found in Bạc Liêu Night Market.

Anything else? Well, they are waiting for your own exploration.

Time: 27-29th July 2018


The sooner your payment is, the higher promotion you get 😉

  • 27/06 – 06/07: 1,600,000VND ($70)
  • 07/07 – 20/07: 1,700,000VND ($74)
  • 21/07 – 25/07: 1,900,000VND ($83)


  • Two-way bus tickets
  • Entrance tickets
  • Rental motorbikes in 2 days
  • Hotel
  • Food & drinks, water
  • Tour guide fee

***Excluding: Other fees out of those above-mentioned things.

Cancellation Refund Policy:

If you cancel your registration, you will receive refund based on the time of your cancellation.

  • 27/06 – 06/07: Refund 90% of the total fee.
  • 07/07 – 13/07: Refund 60% of the total fee.
  • 14/07 – 20/07: Refund 30% of the total fee.
  • 21/07 – 27/07: No refund.
Registration Process:

Step 1. Register by filling in the form below.


Step 2. Complete your payment via:

***Bank Transfer: The information of bank account will be sent to you via email.

***Direct Payment:

Contact Minh Nguyen

  • Phone: 01666725720
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minhvuongainguyen

***Your registration will only be counted after completing your payment.

Before registration, please read the following terms carefully.

1/ In each trip, there is a main guide who is in charge of planning, arranging everything, contacting people, and guiding during the trip. The guide cooperates with us via the Local Supporters Program. All of the expenses of the guide will be shared among other participants in the trip. That’s why in your fee including the fee for the guide. The guide of this trip is Vuu Bich Tram.

If you agree with the above-mentioned term and feel interested in the trip, register ASAP! First come first served. Please fill in the the form below.

>>>Check out our photo galleries of previous trips

Xiem Can Pagoda (Photo source: Andre Luo)
Non La Theater (Photo Source: yesgo.vn)
Hung Vuong Square (Photo source: mytour.vn)
Offshore Wind Farm (Photo source: vietnammoi.vn)
Prince of Bac Lieu House (Photo source: Wikipedia)
Bun nuoc leo
Bun bo cay


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