Vinh Hy Bay – A Hidden Pearl of Vietnam

Do you want to look at the beauty of Vietnam from another angle or have a different experience in this S-shaped country? If you say yes, the eastern coast of Vietnam – Vinh Hy Bay (Ninh Thuan Province) – should be on your bucket list. The Nature Mother has given this place a majestic scenery with emerald water and white sand.

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Banh xeo – a must-try food of Vietnam

Banh xeo, Vietnamese-style savory crepe, is a popular traditional Vietnamese dish, especially in the South-western region of Vietnam with one famous Banh xeo brand from Can Tho Province – Banh xeo Muoi Xiem.

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Layers of Meaning in Đám Cưới Chuột (Rat’s Wedding) Paintings

Đông Hồ, a craft village in Bac Ninh province, has been famous for its folk woodcut paintings since the 11th century. The paintings provide a reflection of contemporary social issues and convey farmers’ desires of a better life. One of the most special features of the Dong Ho paintings is that they are totally made by natural elements with điệp paper (powders of seashells and glutinous rice), and colours refined from various kinds of natural materials.

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Explore the Easternmost point of Vietnam – Doi Cape

Among four extreme points of Vietnam, the Easternmost point remains controversial. The Easternmost point of Vietnam is currently marked at Dien Cape, Hoa Tam village, Dong Hoa town, Phu Yen province. However, in terms of longitude, Doi Cape is the farthest east; and also, Doi Cape receives the sun rays 36 seconds earlier than Dien Cape. Therefore, it is understandable that Doi Cape is considered to be the Easternmost point of Vietnam.

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